About Conifer

I come from a family of creators, seekers and entrepreneurs.  All the people around me, that raised me, planted the seeds for an independent, creative life.  Conifer is my vision and my expression of creativity.  I design clothes that express my story, my passion for textiles, our natural world and my desire to live a simple, natural, creative life.

I grew up surrounded by nature and believe in the importance of limiting our footprint on the environment. I am passionate about small, local and ethical production and using organic, sustainable fabrics. I believe in knowing where our products are made and supporting ones local community to build friendships and partnerships to ultimately create a better world. 

I created Conifer and conifershop.com in San Francisco in March of 2010 as a space to design and showcase the independent designers that I fell in love with while living in New York City.   My community of designers creates and produces out of a love for design and the creative process and we believe in honesty,  and transparency in our production trail.

- Amy Mautz, Designer and Founder